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Monday, August 29, 2016

What is Serve Humanity Serve God ? Who are We ?

What is Serve Humanity Serve God ? Who are We ? 

Serve Humanity Serve God is a team of volunteers provides help to those poor and needy patients who cannot afford to pay for their medical treatment. “We ‘adopt’ these people and help them with everything they need — be it a Dialysis, an MRI, a CT Scan, Provide free medicines, an operation, or anything else. The small team raises money by speaking to people across the city — friends, acquaintances, family, strangers – anyone who can help them with funds. It is mostly by word of mouth that donors reach to us.
We also took responsibility of children staying in the compound and take them out on vacations or weekends.
PGI Chandigarh has many poor patients coming from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Nepal. They stay at the gurdwara compound for months, and some, for years. Many such patients come along with their families, including children. About 2,500-3,000 persons including patients and their family members take food at the gurdwara community kitchen daily.
To join in donations please contact: 
  1. Amarjit Singh - 90419-22099 (Chandigarh) India
  2. Navjot Sidhu - 87280-00333 (Chandigarh) India
  3. Sherry - 425-306-6831(Seattel) USA
  4. Hardeep Gill - 916-538-8107(California) USA
  5. Mandeep Malhi - 647-709-0096 (Canada)
  6. Sunny Grewal - 61-402-906-576 (Australia)

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