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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[null][Pune][Meet]15th September, 2012 @ SICSR

September 2012 meet is scheduled for 15th September, 2012, Saturday.

Agenda for the Meet :

1.) Cracking WPA/WPA2 for non-dictionary pass-phrase
by Swaroop Yermalkar

WPA/WPA2password can be cracked simply by capturing WPA handshake and then apply dictionary. And if passphrase is in dictionary then password will be cracked. But what if password is not in dictionary? The talk will explore this possibility.

2.) To Err is Human...Social Engineering Fundamentals
by Neelu Tripathy

The presentation and talk elaborates on Social Engineering techniques generally used in the industry. Talk would explain how SE is a fundamental part of physical penetration exercises in the industry. It would discuss real life cases, live scenarios, and importance of SE in information security. Talk would include some demonstrations of how SET can be used as a tool for SE.

Timings: 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM

Room No. 704, 7th Floor,
SICSR, Atur Center,
Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony,

The is Open For All. No Registrations Required.
Just come with an open mind. :)

For any more queries or if anyone is interested in giving a talk drop us a mail at


Monday, September 10, 2012

Winner : HackIM 2012 Delhi - NULL

n00bs & haX0rs,

ooooh....That was a close finish

Alas!!! After a weekend full of sleepless, tiring, battle the FLAG is captured ...and The Fort has fallen ...

This time we had ~390 contestents participating out of which atleast 180+ were able to clear atleast one level.

This time again we had 7 different kind of levels (and almost all of them were solved by atleast 1 person) ranging from : TRIVIAL - WEB - PROGRAMMED - CRYPTIC - FORENSIC - REVERSED ENGINEERED - LOGGED.

it was the first time when we expeerimented with removing the limitation of sequential levels instead opened all levels and received a good response. (you might expect the same for next CTF's also)

At 10 Sep 2012 00:00 The top scorer on the Scoreboard was announced the winner
& the winner is Big-Daddy

Dhudum*^%$ *Boom!!$*#Boom***Phhaatt*^%$#!!!

It would be unfair not to mention the names of other Spartans who fought the battle bravely.

so here is the list of top 20 players

1Big DaddyBig-Daddy6600
2err0r 0xerr0rLes Pas Contents6400
3Team 41414141414141416050
4HIMANSHU DAShimanshu4950
50x416a697468 0x4368616e6472616er3dsm0k34950
6Dev Anandtestdata4950
7Ruben Molinamaybe-failed4950
8Kacper KwapiszKKKas4200
9EL CAPO DOSelcapo23700
10Joris Driepinterjoris3p3450
11Jack Nulla713n3300
12Boris Backdoorbb3200
13valis valisvalis3000
14ZM4LW4R3 ZM4LW4R3ZM4LW4R32900
15shand esq.shand2450
16Vaibhav Guptavaibhav2300
17Avinash Kundaliyahardfire2050
18Ashok Manoharanknown_unknown1800
19zrzr brrrhmm1450
20prithvi bprince1400

* list as on 10th Sept 2012 00:00 as the levels are live the score will change on scoreboard and people keep playing the levels.

We are proud of all the great warriors who battled with courage and brave hearts. We hope everyone who participated had a chance to sharpen their weapons and hone their battle plans through the HACKIM Delhi - 2012 .

Please reply with your comments and suggestions or mail us at [email protected]

Friday, September 7, 2012


" Be ready for sleepless weekend night nullcon CTF HackiM will be open on 7th Sep at auspicious hour of 20:12 (GMT +5:30) "

Here's your chance to win a 3 free VIP pass for nullcon Delhi 2012. All you have to do is run over a few trivial puzzles and challenges and the golden ticket is yours. In case you have already bought the ticket don't worry we will reimburse your ticket if you win.

If you have spent anytime with puzzles like notpron or klueless, or other hacking challenges, this one should lie somewhere in between (we thought if you are going to pull your hair out solving the puzzle, its only fair that you learn something while doing so).

First 3 winners will get VIP Pass for nullcon Delhi 2012.


Get a chance to play the ultimate hacking challenge in the world; JailBreak. The first 3 winners for Hackim will be enrolled for JailBreak Challenge in Goa 2013.

Rules and guidelines:
1. Players will need to create an account in order to participate in the challenge
2. Running Automation tools (scanners/enumerators/password crackers, etc) is not allowed and will not help you complete any of the levels in anyway based on the nature of the challenge.
3. Each level gives you a sets of clues to reach to the next level. Following these clues you should figure your way to the next level. Once you have reached the final level you will know how to claim the booty. The person who finishes the final task first, wins.
4. If you have completed a level, keep the answer to yourself unless you are the types who wants to spoil all the fun. Also, remember that by giving out the answer you are actually helping your competitors to win.
5. This challenge does NOT give participants any legal permission to exploit, its subdomains and its hosting server in a destructive manner. Any attack against the site or the hosted servers will be observed under general legal framework.
6. The unofficial back channel for the challenge is #null0x00. Hints will also be provided for each level through twitter or null mailing list.
7. Scoreboard for the challenge is available on

Thursday, September 6, 2012

nullcon Delhi 2012: Final List of Speakers and Events

We are excited to announce the final list of speakers and events at nullcon Delhi 2012.

We are also thrilled to screen the preview of Reboot ( Our sincere thanks to Sidney Sherman and Joe kawasaki.

Highlights of nullcon
1. Day one keynote by CEO Natgrid,Mr. Raghu Raman. Talk Title: Battle of the Minds
2. Day two keynote by Global Security Evangelist and renowned speaker. Mr. Richard Thieme. Talk Title: Staring into the Abyss.
3. Security Conclave on Critical Infrastructure Protection: Focused Panel discussion of 90 minutes to emphasize on the road map for the critical infrastructure protection standards and processes.
4. Executive Briefing: Exclusive two hours sub-event for senior management and the CIO’s to present summarized content of conference talks/events to them.
5. Prototype sub-event: An excellent opportunity/platform for organizations to speak/showcase/present (30 Min Talk) new innovative security technologies to the conference attendees to attract industry recognition and to promote their brand.
6. Exclusive exhibition area for security organizations.
7. Talks by security experts on ground breaking defensive and offensive security technologies.
8. Seven security Training by industry experts on deep technical and critical security subjects.
9. Nullcon Job fair for hiring the best in the security industry.
10. nullcon Blackshield awards: An award ceremony to honour organizations and thought leaders who drive innovation in information security.

Some of the featured talks
1. Rahul Sasi - DTMF Fuzzing: Highly Harmful Audio Waves - Would be highlighting vulnerabilities in implementation of DTMF detection algorithms.

2. Michael Sutton & Pradeep Kulkarni - Opening the kimono: Automating behavioral analysis for mobile apps

3. Ravishankar Borgaonkar - Dirty use of USSD Codes in Cellular Network - Talks will cover how to play with USSD codes using femtocell architecture and exploit different services based on it.

4. Aditya Gupta - Attacking Angry Birds : Mobile Malwares on the Rise Will be releasing AFE (Android Framework for Exploitation).

5. Joerg Simon - Fedora Security Lab and OSSTMM

6. Prasad Kanagasabai - Penetrating SAP with IronSAP

7. Zoltan Hornak - How to develop and insecure product?

8. Riyaz Walikar - Poking servers with facebook (and other web apps)

9. Antriksh Shah - (Desi Jugaad talk) An app(le) a day keeps the wallet away

10. Neyolov Evgeny - Reverse engineering of fraudster brain

11. Ahamed Nafeez - alertt(/xss/) - How to catch an XSS before someone exploits/reports it?

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