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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Hackers hacks your cell phone to get information?? How Hackers spy conversations of your cell phone??

Hackers can get your information, and even spy on your conversations all through your cell phone.
Have you ever put your phone down for a few minutes, maybe left it on your desk, or on the table at a restaurant while you head to the ladies room?
If youve ever left it unattended youre at risk.
When your phone rings, you answer. But your phone can pickup without making a sound, and turn into a hidden microphone.
Expert Tom Slovenski explains, You can hear everything that is going on in the room.
It happened to the Kuykendall family in Washington State. Theyve totally taken over the phone, Heather Kuykendall says. And it was hard to convince authorities something was going on. I cant sleep at night I worry constantly, she says.
More on their story visit here
Tom Slovenski, with Cellular Forensics knows it can happen. Hes one of the leading experts in the US, who trains private detectives, law enforcement officers and members of the military on phone forensicshow to flush out spyware and go after the hackers.
Spyware works fast, if youre at a bar and youre busy dancing and having a fun time, and you leave your phone here, it only takes a creep 5 minutes to grab your phone load software and turn your phone into their personal spying device.
Corporations are getting worried about guarding secrets shared in important meetings. There is only one failsafe way to do that.
David, the Chicago based detective explains: If youre having an important meeting or something that you definitely dont want anything getting out about is to actually remove the battery from your phone. Thats the number one thing to do.
Protecting your phone from a spyware attack is free and simple.
If you simply put a password on your phone its going to protect you from the majority of what is out there, Robert Kresson said.
Tom Slovenski says its simple. Its four digits and youre in.
The danger will escalate our expert says, with the launch of mobile banking from your phone when that happens the incentive to hack into your phone, will multiply a lot faster than any interest on your accounts.
So what can you do to protect yourself? The free solution set the password on your phone.
How to protect your phone:
  • Put a password on your phone
  • Turn off blue tooth when not using it.
  • Dont go to websites or click on links you dont trust

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