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Thursday, February 26, 2015

IGP Interview Questions - Interview Questions for IGP

IGP Interview Questions - Interview Questions for IGP
Market is on boom and almost every company has opened its door for new positions and everyone is looking for change to grab new positions with new challenges. So make sure that you have prepared the answers for the below questions before your interview. The questions are generic and will make very good impression on interviewer if you answer them in organised and structured manner. The depicted IGP interview questions are for CCNA and CCNP engineers. 1. Difference between RIPv1 and RIPv2? 2. How many number of routes carried by RIP packet? 3. Is OSPF link state or distance vector or path vector protocol? 4. What is the difference between OSPF and IS-IS and which one is preferred? 5. Can we use BGP instead of any IGP? 6. How many network types available in OSPF? 7. Different type of Link State Advertisements aka LSA? 8. LSA 3 and LSA 4 are generated by which router? 9. When to use Stub and Not So Stubby Area? 10. How to get the external routes without making area Not So Stubby? 11. What is the different type of route summarization available in OSPF? 12. What is the requirement of doing summarization? 13. A major network is advertised as summary in one area and few of the routes from that network is configured in another area. What will happen in that case? 14. If any of the OSPF area is not stabilized, does it impact another area? 15. What is the use of forwarding address in LSA 5 and LSA 7? 16. External routes are available in OSPF database but not installing in routing table? 17. If loopback is not configured, what will be the router-id selected by OSPF process? 18. Can we run multiple OSPF process in single router and what is the advantage of using it? 19. What are timers of OSPF? 20. Multicast address of used by OSPF. 21. OSPF works on which layer? 22. What is backbone area in OSPF? 23. Can we use OSPF without backbone area? 24. Is it required that OSPF router-id must reachable in IGP cloud? 25. After configuring new router-id, automatically it will be used or do we need to use some type of command to get it operational. 26. Why the secondary ip address of interface is not advertising in IGP cloud? 27. OSPF neighbourship is not coming up. Please tell the various steps to troubleshoot it. 28. One side MTU is 1500 and another side MTU is 1600. Does it affect neighbourship? 29. Provide process of DR and BDR election. 30. If DR is down and no BDR is configured what will happen? 31. What is the difference between a neighbor and adjacent neighbor? 32. My OSPF neighbourship is showing 2-way, what does it mean? 33. Define different type of OSPF neighbor states? 34. OSPF external routes are not redistributing? 35. What is Layer 3 routing loop? 36. OSPF LSA and Packet Format 37. How does OSPF Sham Link in different area work? 38. What is Link State Advertisement (LSA) - 1? 39. What is Link State Advertisement (LSA) - 2? 40. What is Link State Advertisement (LSA) - 3? 41. What is Link State Advertisement (LSA) - 4? 42. How to design OSPF Network or OSPF Design Consideration? 43. What to ask from customer if he demands OSPF as PE - CE Routing Protocol?
44. What is C and R in OSPF debug?
45. How does CPE Area 0 & PE Super backbone Communicate?
46. Why OSPF VPNv4 Routes Look As External Routes Instead Of Inter Area Routes?
47. How does ISP hack by using OSPF as PE-CE routing protocol?
48. OSPF High Availability with SSO,NSF and NSR
49. How does OSPF behave with SSO,NSF and NSR?
50. How does CISCO EIGRP DUAL Algorithm works for selecting successor?
51. Define various tools which participates in OSPF fast convergence
52. How does event propagation tool help OSPF to converge fast?
53. How does OSPF Fast Convergence Tools - Event Processing helps to reduce convergence time?
54. OSPF Fast Convergence Tools - Updating RIB
55. What is Discard Route or Null0 Route?
56. How does static routing behaves?
57. What are the fundamentals of route redistribution?
58. Which routing protocol is best between OSPF and EIGRP?

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