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Monday, November 25, 2013

Transport Layer Security - Part 1

This is a non-technical guide which will make you familiar with the transport layer. The main purpose of writing this guide is to point out why we need major security implementation on the transport layer. What if the components of this layer get compromised?

In this today’s digital world, every business has their website. If it is a small firm or any big agency which is government agency or non-government agency, they have a website and they use websites. It is clearly visible that number of individuals and companies who are accessing the internet has rapidly increased. As the businesses around the globe are rapidly increasing, they want the internet to be act as web e-commerce for their business to manage everything centrally. However, over the years we are watching that web services across the internet are majorly vulnerable in various ways. None of the business wants to put themselves into vulnerable environment. As a result, the need for security in the corporate world is also in demand.

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