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Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to introduce SEO friendly content

Your site’s content not only has to be informative and interesting, but it also has to be created in such a manner that search engines notice it. You require lot of skills to create SEO-friendly content. The text of your web page serves as the main data that search engine crawlers use to categorize the web. The more interesting and informative is your blog content, the more people will read and refer it to their friends and followers. Here are the tips on how to create SEO-friendly content.

Keep your content simple
While you are creating content with SEO in mind, it’s equally important to keep the content simple so that it is easy to read and understand for an average internet user. Don’t try to confuse casual readers with technical jargon and complex techniques.
Give out good links
Search engines often scan your content for the links to other industry association websites. A good and reliable content should include proper attribution and links. Give out good links to authoritative sites like Include the reliable sources from which you have retrieved the data. Also, make sure to give credit to the original authors. All these, help you to earn back links.
Discover the hot topics
You can take the help of social media and social media monitoring tools to discover the trends. Google Alerts, Twitter, Google Trends and Technorati are some of the best sites that provide your company with the necessary resources to discover the trends. You can incorporate these trends into your content. Search for the topics on the web that have not been written about. Use such topics to create content and present it in a simple and understandable manner so that people will like to share.
Make sure your content is error-free
Creating a good content is not just about an interesting topic; it’s about error-free writing. Before posting your content makes sure to check your content for spelling and grammatical errors. Get it revised and checked thoroughly by a couple of authorized persons.
Use Inverted pyramid style of writing
Break up your content. It’s always a good idea to organize the content on your page. Instead of presenting a long one page text that is boring, break up that text into short paragraphs. Each paragraph should have its own headings and subheading. The first part of the paragraph should be an introductory paragraph and contain rich information. This is followed by the main theme of the story and conclusion at the end. This style of writing is called as “inverted pyramid” style. This makes it easy for search crawlers and readers to grab the information they want on your page.
Keyword placement
Keywords are the important terms that readers use in the search engines to find something. You can take help of Google tools or other free tools to work out what your main keywords are, how popular they are and how many competitive websites are using the terms as keywords? Once you have worked out with them, use keywords in your title, in the beginning of the first and last paragraphs of your content.
Use related keywords
Also, make sure the keywords used are related to your content. For instance, your main keyword is about “different types of parenting” it expects to see words about strict parenting, authoritative parenting, authoritive parenting and so on. “Google External Keyword tool” or “Google Suggest” provide you with other keywords that readers use, to make you write better content. If your keywords are not related to your content, search engines won’t display that page as part of the related search results.
Avoid keyword stuffing
Keyword density is determined by dividing the number of times the keyword used in the content by the word length of your content. For instance, if your keyword appears 10 times in a 1000 word article then your keyword density is 10/1000 = 1%. Your keyword density should be in the range 1% to 2%. If your keywords cross this range then SEO search engine bots identify them and harm your rankings or sometimes lead to a blacklist. Hence, you need to use them wisely.
Enhance your content with images and videos
Enhance your content management with SEO optimized images, videos and illustrations. This can as well drive traffic from Google images and to your website.
Length matters
The major search engines expect your content to be more than 300 words per page. Google prefers 950 words per page to display them in top ten search results while for Yahoo the average number of words is about 1,300.
Follow these tips and create SEO-friendly content which brings traffic to your website.
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