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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ram Survey Rumors are FAKE: RamSurvey Pins Available at Discount

Ram Survey Rumors are FAKE

Ram Survey Pins Available at Discount: Contact Mr.Navi 09464256908

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Mobile no: Mr.Navi 09464256908

After the rumors spread regarding ram survey ,the company bounced back much effectively . Every rumors turned out to be fake. Ram survey at present emerged as the Top Indian online survey company which in true sense is making india realise to be shining India.

5 Visitor Reactions & Comments:

Anup Srivastava54 said...

Ram survey pins available at discount only Rs 2500 please contact Mr,Anop kumar Srivastava Mob 9235444350 Email Id [email protected]

Guest said...

ramsurvey pins at 2400, contact now at 9076375363

Dipendra said...

ram survey dont loose your strenth our trust upon you! we know about these news chanel. they r loosing there relibility , all these drama for advertisement,when they got the add," then every thing will be finished"
waise bhi aaj kal news chanel pe news kam hoti hai aur add jyada

Abc said...

RamSurvey Pins Available at Discount M : 9428255474 @3000 rs

Sanjeev kumar said...

i am invest 3500*5 entries in the ram survey,
no money is return, the company say make the member and recover your money, i cant give u any refund, i prove it,
i know many people who are suffered
i am from punjab,jalandhar,and my email id is [email protected] and my mobile no is 9814259878,
i am invest money in the ram survey, but a single rupees is not return, because the company has not sufficent fund, it is a fake company,so pleas my indian brother dont invest in the company,