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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tabnapping Attack Tutorial: Phishing Attack Tutorial

Tabnapping Attack Tutorial: Phishing Attack Tutorial

Tabnapping - Phishing in mulitabbed environment of browsers

This is my first post in this blog, a great opportunity for me to write in this blog. My first post is on a simple hacking trick which is phishing but in a new way. This new way of phishing is known as Tab Napping. The basic steps are same as traditional phishing attack. Phishing is the most popular and widely used method for hacking email accounts. Phishing is not as easy as it's name. Creating a phishing page is an easy task and any one can download it from various hacking forums for free. The main step of phishing comes after creation of fake login page.

How to send this fake page to the victim??

Here comes the Tab Napping which can make your second step easy than before. No need to send fake page via email to victim.

Tab Napping use the modern browser's multi tabbed environment. Now a days all people use multiple tabs for accessing Gmail, facebook, orkut and other websites simultaneously. The trick is to confuse user in his/her multiple tabs and redirect any of idle ta of his browser to your phishing silently. Tab Napping works on the user's assumption that a tabbed web page stays the same when other Internet services are being accessed.

The idea behind this is very simple and is done by javascript. Tab napping is all about the relation of 2 pages. suppose Page A and Page B. Victim was viewing page A in a tab of a browser and then left this idle and and now using some other website in another tab of browser. If the user will not return to page A for some pre-specified time, page A will automatically redirect to Page B. This Page B is your phishing page. This redirection and cheking for user actions is done by Javascript. You can download it for given link.

Make a web page and use the tab napping script in that page say it page A. This script will not affect the layout or content of the page. This script will check for user actions. If the page is idle for some time, this script will redirect this page to a pre-specified page which may be your phishing page. You have to specify this page in the script. Be sure to change this in script.
check script for this line...

timerRedirect = setInterval("location.href=''",10000);

this line will redirect to Gmail after 10 sec. Change this location to the address of your phishing page. This line is used 2 times in the script so change is both lines.

so page A with tab napping script will redirect to phishing page B.

Now send the link of the page A to your victim. This is a normal page. If the page is idle for some time it will be changed to page B otherwise no effect.

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