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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Call of Duty 17 Year Old Hacker Arrested

Call of Duty 17 Year Old Hacker Arrested

A Manchester teenager has been arrested with the accuse of having sold denial of service software . Activision, powering the most famous war simulator game, realized that a number of its users were experiencing slow down and difficulties in playing the game. Investigations brought to a call of duty dedicated forum where the teenager was selling this tool named Phenom Booter used by participants to slow down the
opponent’s computers and gaining score with the online game.

The incidents and the outages caused by the use of these tools has raised the concern of Activision that has decided to send a clear message to the sellers of these tools. While tracing back the end users of these tools is virtually impossible and too costly, stopping the distribution of these tools might be a better move.

Source: Armanod Romeo,

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