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Friday, March 18, 2011

Cookies are bad for privacy - Is that true?

This is a myth - cookies are a friendly internet tool primarily used by the advertising and e-commerce industry to make surfing easier and quicker. They have several roles, none of which can compromise your privacy:
  1. Protection - to ensure you are a genuine visitor and not someone else using your password.
  2. Authenticate and speed up your identification and e-commerce transactions.
  3. Recognise preferences e.g. remember user names and passwords for websites.
  4. Cap the frequency of ad serving and to make sure that advertisements are rotated and not duplicated during any one visit to a site
Many websites use the services of other companies to provide the content and services on their website. These third parties may provide content or services to more than one website. If they are using cookies, in theory, they can understand what that cookie does on a number of different sites.

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