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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Introduction

ifcfg-eth0 file configuration

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a modern edition of thin client movement used in the 1990s. It involves running desktop operating systems and applications on a virtual machine that resides on a centralized server. These desktops residing on the 
centralized serve could also be called virtual desktops.

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Users who access the virtual desktops from a desktop (PC) or thin client via a remote display protocol get full features as though the applications were resident on their local system(PC) with the only difference being that all applications are in this case centrally managed. This work explains the benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and the wealth of advantages it has to offer any company that may adopt its use. Some of such advantages include reduction in end user computing cost, simplified client
management, memory, content storage, delivery as well as software maintenance cost/expenses.

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